Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flash in the cloud

Flash Networks announced today that it is making its Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway optimization and monetization solution available in the cloud. The solution that was traditionally deployed in mobile core networks will soon be deployed in private and public clouds.

"Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway integrates web and video optimization, analytics, traffic management, web monetization, content control, cell-based congestion awareness, centralized caching, service orchestration, and an intelligent policy engine in a single gateway. "

I spoke today with Merav Bahat, VP Marketing and Business Development at Flash Networks and she adds: "We wanted to introduce the capability for our customers to use cloud services and cloud computing with our platform. Harmony will continue to be deployed in the core networks and in conjunction, can be deployed in private and public clouds. We have been able to duplicate several functions from our platform such as caching, storage and CPU-intensive transcoding and put them in the cloud to offer great additional savings , higher hit rates and enhanced quality of experience".`

As seen here and here, Flash Networks is the third company in the video optimization space who has announced plans to offer a cloud-based solution. Caching, transcoding, content recommendation are some of the services that Flash Networks will perform in the cloud, to benefit carriers with multi-sites or multi-networks footprint.

Cloud-based video optimization is gaining traction, as more and more mobile network operators  see the necessity to deploy video optimization (over 80 have selected vendors to date) but balk at the CAPEX and footprint necessary to enable a good quality of experience.

Cloud deployments and cloud computing were, until recently, seen as an improbable technology to deploy real time video encoding services, but a few tier one operators have tested and are deploying the technology as we speak. It seems that the technology is reaching market validation stage and is getting a much larger acceptance from the carriers' community. It is a good move from Flash Networks to capitalize on this market trend and expand their offering in that space.

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