Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Allot continues its spending spree

After the acquisition of Ortiva Wireless, announced in April for $15-$17m, Allot announces today the acquisition of Oversi networks for $16m in cash with a conditional, performance related extra $5m.

Oversi Networks is a provider of transparent caching solutions for OTT and P2P traffic. Specifically, Oversi has been developing a purpose-built video cache, one of the first of its kind.

Many vendors in the space have caches that have been built on open source general-purpose web caches, originally to manage offline video optimization scenarios (for those not able to transcode mp4, flv/f4v containers in real time). As the long tail of video content unfolds, social media and virality create snowballing effects on some video content and a generic web cache shows limitations when it comes to efficiently cache video.

The benefits of a hierarchical, video specific cache then becomes clear. Since video nowadays come in many formats, containers, across many protocols and since content providers repost the same video with different attributes, titles, URLs, duration...etc, it is quite inefficient to cache video only based on metadata recognition. Some level of media inspection is necessary to ascertain what the video is and whether it really corresponds to the metadata.

All in all, another smart acquisition by Allot. On the paper, it certainly strengthens the company position, with technologies compatible and complementary with their legacy portfolio and the recent Ortiva's acquisition. It will be interesting to see how Allot's product portfolio evolves over time and how the different product lines start to synergize.

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