Friday, June 17, 2011

Bridgewater Systems to be acquired by Amdocs for $211M

"Becoming part of Amdocs would enable us to accelerate our corporate growth strategy, centered around global expansion, enabling the transformation to next generation converged networks, portfolio and solution innovation, and leveraging our installed base," said Ed Ogonek, President and CEO, Bridgewater.

As mobile traffic continues to increase and video becomes an increasing part of it, it will be necessary to have a tight intelligent traffic management entity. I see collapse of charging, DPI, PCRF, Routing, Browsing and optimization accelerating. Remember, AMDOCS acquired streamezzo last year to tighten their mobile video story.

In my mind, carriers tolerate today having GGSN, PCEF, proxies, browsing gateways, DPI, web optimization, video optimization engines only because the market is very atomized. The skill set is very dispersed and no vendor today has an intelligent end to end solution to manage traffic from backbone to RAN through core.
As discussed previously, the market is not mature enough for the best of breed approach, full spectrum vendors will step up.

As video traffic increases, it will become evident that having a daisy chain of proxies is inefficient, costly, hardly scalable and complex to manage. I don't see policy management becoming so ubiquitous and intuitive that rules can be instantiated in one point and flow harmoniously to all the elements without impacting the user experience.
The user experience, in video is only as good as the lowest performing element in the delivery chain.

Inevitably, we will see more concentration in that space in the near future.

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