Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cloudlet, CDN and content acceleration

As indicated in a previous post, there is much that could be gained from examining in more details how mobile networks could benefit from performing sophisticated content manipulation in the cloud, rather than in core network or in the device.

Yesterday, Citrix Systems and Juniper Networks agreed and invested in Cotendo, who has announced a $17M round of financing. AT&T is already a partner and the company focuses on the enterprise and media segments. Cotendo's massive network allows for global presence, while its technology is focusing on accelerating the mobile web experience.
Additionally, its cloud based implementation provides an alternative to massive CDN strategy which requires point of presence increase, with traffic and geographic expansion, a model that is scalable but economically difficult.

Most of the company positioning is about web generally. Video seems to be missing for the moment.
It will be interesting to see how Cotendo evolves into the mobile realm, disrupting carrier and CDN strategies in the future.

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