Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Intel and Samsung partner for open OS in smartphones and connected devices

As you will remember, Intel had decided to leave the connected TV space to ARM back in October, after failing repetitively to gain any significant market share.Its Atom chips failed to convince and deliver a significantly better cost performance ratio to their prospective OEM and ODM.

Samsung told Informa telecoms that they are planning to merge their homegrown operating system BADA with Intel's opensource Tizen. The move will be gradual and will first affect handsets, with low end devices staying on BADA for a while and high end smartphones and tablets moving to Tizen as early as Q2 2012.

Smart TVs should follow shortly there after. 

An interesting move, that allows Samsung to free themselves from the cumbersome Google-Android relationship and to stay clear of the current patent war between OS / app / device vendors.
At the same time, it allows Intel to take a prominent place in one of the fastest growing segments in consumer electronics, connected devices, as we have seen here.

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