Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome to {Core Analysis}

Hello and welcome to {Core Analysis}.

This blog will examine the myths and realities of mobile broadband. It will feature comments and opinions on vendors, analysts and operators announcements surrounding the transformation of mobile networks, as video and all IP communication takes a more and more important role.

As the name points out, {Core Analysis} strives to look beneath the surface and to offer an informed view on the direction market, technologies and vendors are taking.

Here are a few subjects you can expect me to address :

  • Why you shouldn't hold your breath for LTE just yet
  • Video optimization myth and realities
  • Tariffing and charging strategies in a video world
  • Policy management in a video world
  • Mobile CDN and video delivery
  • Over the top strategies for video content providers
  • Caching strategies for video

As for me, I consult and advise operators, vendors and investors on technology and vendors qualification.
You can find out more about what I do at

Don't hesitate to comment or drop me a note!