Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Introducing the Mobile Video Alliance

It was a great and unique chance to be invited at the inaugural meeting of the Mobile Video Alliance in London this week. I would like to thank and congratulate Matt Stagg from EE and Rory Murphy from Equinix, who did a great job of bringing together an amazing panel of participants from Akamai, Amazon, BBC, EE, BT, Lovefilm, Netflix, O2, Qualcomm, Sky, Three UK,Vodafone Global and others.

It was an even greater honor to be able to present my views on the future of mobile video and what the ecosystem should focus on to improve the consumer's user experience.

You can find my presentation and the accompanying video below.

In short, it is my first experience of executives from the whole value chain getting together to discuss strategy, business and technology improvements necessary to enhance the consumer's video quality of experience.
Subjects of discussion ranged widely from adaptive bit rate best practice, to transcoding, caching, roaming and data caps, measuring QoE, mobile advertising... in a refreshing neutral, non-competitive environment without vendors trying to push a specific agenda.

The mobile video alliance is a unique forum for the industry to come and solve issues that are plaguing its capacity to grow profitably. Stay tuned, I will follow and report its progress.