Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cisco to deliver "Wireless TV" to AT&T

In a press release dated Oct. 25, Cisco announced the newest addition to Videoscape product line:
the wireless TV solution, composed of a Cisco access point and wi-fi enabled receivers.

The solution is being rolled out first at AT&T Uverse customers and allows basically a centralized HD DVR operation distributed wirelessly to as many receivers and TVs in the house.

This launch is advertised as the industry's first wireless IPTV deployment. While the innovation is minor (adding wifi to a DVR is hardly exceptional), the in-home close network deployed by Cisco with the dedicated access point can have interesting developments.

Surely, as connected TVs start appearing and accessing OTT content, whoever is going to control the home gateway, including the wifi access is going to be able to manage and in some cases enforce access within a walled garden.

I might be cynical here, but i would not be surprised if the access point and the home network delivered by AT&T was somewhat restrictive in term of the content it delivers. It is probably dedicated only to the broadcasting managed services offered by AT&T and does not offer OTT access.

In that case, it would mean another box to manage in your home (the access point), and potentially interesting issues when it comes to you selecting which wifi network to connect to with your connected TV, Bluray, net box or unmanaged DVR.
It will be interesting to see how this new offering fares with AT&T customers.

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GV said...

I agree on At&T service might be restrictive to their own service. Not only broadcast, but whatever the control (U-verse delivers some purely OTT services in USA ... in a weird mode though)
As you pointed out, the house gateway control is the next big battle out there and it will be a tough one. Can you imagine a one-NAS server in your house for all PVR services that can stream to any device in the house, using it also as your personal music/photos/video storage? ... and if you add to it some transcoding/streaming features, have it to be your multiple tuner for the house? why do we still need one STB per TV Set in the house (and actually pay for each one of them) ... I'd rather pay a fee for "in-house streaming" and have the freedom to watch anything every where in my house? ... and eventually, the winner could become like a TIVO for in-house streaming services, even making arrangement with cable operators for Content entitlement in order to enable the Premium content which will keep existing for a while