Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Strategies for multiscreen monetization

Pay TV and OTT providers are increasingly difficult to tell apart. Both are engaged in a battle to capture retain our interest. Many multiscreen strategies are being enacted on both sides to secure this $400 billion market.

Cord cutting, cord shaving are becoming familiar risks for MSOs as viewers’ habits change from scheduled to on demand and from linear to binge watching .

MSOs are hesitating between becoming OTT, partnering with them or embracing multiscreen, while OTT are experimenting with new charging models and are trying to secure exclusive rights for original programming.

These strategies and more are being analyzed in my latest white paper, co-written with Booxmedia.

As large OTT providers are helping consumer-viewing habits evolve, there are great opportunities for MSOs and content providers to offer OTT and multiscreen services that will strengthen their brand, expand their reach and grow their customer base.

Cloud TV everywhere emerges as one of the most successful strategies to date for customer acquisition, retention and monetization.  Robust recommendation, content discovery and ad management are keys for monetization of multiscreen.

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